Lexington Furniture – Bob Timberlake Solid Cherry Cabinet Made in the USA


Solid Allegheny Cherry Wood Cabinet

Allegheny cherry is black cherry grown in Pennsylvania. This beautiful cabinet was purchased in the early 1990s as a TV cabinet–back when TVs were heavy, thick boxes. The alternate version of this classic cabinet provided a clothing rod in the upper section with drawers for clothing below. This same armoire/wardrobe setup could be achieved with a clothing rod and two brackets. The back vent/cut-out panel could be covered with an inexpensive 3/16″ panel of veneered ‘luan’ plywood stained to match the cherrywood color.


  • Major Dimensions: 49″ X 21-½” X 87-¾” MAJOR
  • Top Section: 42″W x 20-½”D
  • Top Section Crown Molding: 49″W
  • Bottom Section: 44″W x 21-½”D

$1695 Armoire Example of Similar Armoire version

Solid Cherry Cabinet

Designed by Lexington Furniture’s Bob Timberlake

“The World of Bob Timberlake” is a collection from Lexington Furniture Industries influenced by the artist’s personal experience and perception. The furniture is more than the subject of a painting; it is the art itself. This premium collection includes Dining Room, Bedroom, Collectibles, and even Upholstery, all complemented by a full range of coordinating accessories . This product was made under the authorization and approval of ,Bob Timberlake, to whom historical accuracy of design and materials is extremely important. These adaptations of original, handcrafted American antiques make use of native hardwoods selected for their unique grain characteristics. At Mr. Timberlake’s insistence, no attempt has been made to alter the wood’s natural color or character. Therefore, pin knots and inter-grown knots, mineral streaks and tree growth irregularities have been deliberately included in the manufacturing process to ensure and protect the authenticity of the finish. The choice to feature these natural wood properties also benefits the conservation effort by obtaining maximum yield from the cherry lumber. From inspired conception to thoughtful detailing, “The World of Bob Timberlake” represents a bridge of art and craft…vision and lifestyle.


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